ArakNet is a network of passionate sysops who continually work on improving their systems and inspiring others by showing what can be done when you think outside the box.

ArakNet, unlike many other open membership bbs message networks is invite-only. You can always inquire about membership but will have to go through a review process. If two or more existing sysops of ArakNet vouch for your board it will ensure the acceptance of your membership. ArakNet is being run by many of the traditional rules of Scene Networks. There’s only one major RULE that we enforce on ARAKNET – “NO STOCK BBSes”! Your board does not have to be fancy or have every known mod installed on it. The one thing that I remember about scene boards was there were no TWO boards that looked alike. So make it your own, change it up a little to make your board unique. It’s not a requirement to have crazy art on your board but any effort to change the default setup will make it easier for you to get in. If you’ve added content to your board (Door Games, Files, External News/Info sources), it shows value and people can be directed to your board for it’s speciality.


Visit the ArakNet website here

or E-Mail for more information or to add your BBS


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