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Hi there, I guess since I’ve been given access I should use it for the purpose I signed up for.
I’m the door author of the M&S Software line of doors that I put out between 1989 and 2000. These aren’t like the popular hack and slash and shoot em up games, so a lot of people on here may not recognize the name or my doors. Some of the doors I created were:
Booby Trap
Jewel Thief
Poker Bandit
Video Bandit
Line Up
Knight’s Move
Hot Dice
Flip Flop
Peg Jump
Chuck-A-Luck (also known as Lady Luck)
Sometime after 2000, when most BBSes were shutting down I put the word out that I would provide free registration keys to any sysop that requested registration for my doors… and I’d do this as long as I could. Well, 21 years later, I’m still around and every year I get a number of registration requests that I’ve fulfilled.
It’s been challenging at times, because my key maker was created on XP and a bunch of computers ago. I lost my XP hard drive a few months ago, but fortunately I had already moved the key maker over to a Windows 7 computer. I had also used VM and vitalized the XP computer a few years ago, which still runs just fine in VM. I think the key maker will also work on Windows 10 but have only run it as a test a couple of times. I hope my Windows 7 computer will be around for awhile and won’t have to try and get it to work on Windows 11 or 12. 😃
Anyway, I hope to be providing registrations for a while longer anyway. At least I did until my email hosting site decided to retire the domain that my main email address and the one that is in all of my door information packets, uses. I’ve had this email since 1994 and have used it for almost everything ever since. They said that they could not move it somewhere else or transfer it to another company (don’t ask me why although the domain has moved about 5 times over the years), so come Oct 31, 2021, they are shutting that domain down. Of course there is no way I can update all of the software files that are out in who knows how many places, so what I’m doing is trying to get the word out in as many BBS related places as I can that even though the phone number (I killed the phone line a couple of years ago since I never got any door related calls on it) and email address in the documentation is no longer active, I am still around.
I’ve put up a web site with this information and a list of my doors in hopes that anyone looking for me will do a internet search and it will come up in the search. The web site is and has a contact form on it to contact me to request a registration of my doors. I am also on Facebook, although I only joined earlier this year… kicking and screaming to my wife that I’d never join this place. Well, I guess never say never, but I don’t like Facebook even a fraction as I did BBSing and QLink (what AOL was before it became AOL).
I know some of you are running my doors, which I’m glad to see. They aren’t popular as some of the classic ones, but they always did well on boards that had users that didn’t play some of the big name doors that were out there at the time. It’s also interesting to see just how many BBSes are still out there and active after all of these years. It’s pretty amazing actually. 😃
I’ve looked at the software I used a couple of times but I’ve forgotten so much of what I did way back when. I had two interbbs multi-player doors in beta testing when I decided to shut down creating doors. One was a Battleship game and the other was a poker game were online users could play against each other. I wish I had started them sooner than I did because I really wanted to go in that direction with my doors. Since I was never one of the whiz kid programmers like some were, it took me awhile to get each of my doors done and released, If I had had another 6 months or a year, I could have gotten them done and released. Oh well, I really enjoyed doing the ones I did and that whole time period is one I’m glad I didn’t miss.
Thanks to all that have enjoyed my doors and any that try them out.
Mike Jordan

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