Micronet was founded as a FTN-only BBS mail network on 1 September 2000 by Sean Dennis. We’re happy to be celebrating Micronet’s 20th anniversary in 2020. Micronet’s co-founder and assistant zone coordinator is Andrew Leary. Micronet’s focus has always been to be a small, friendly network that emphasises quality over quanity.

We are honored to have nodes all across North America and internationally in Denmark, Ireland, Argentina, Czech Republic, Australia, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Britain. Of course, there’s always more room to grow. We offer FTN, QWK, and NNTP networking feeds internationally.

Micronet is home to InterBBS (IBBS) League 618. We have the following games available:

  • Barren Realms Elite, Falcon’s Eye, The Arcadian Legends
  • Legend of the Red Dragon (InterLORD and LORDNet)
  • The GAC Tournament line of doors (Blackjack, Freecell, Wahoo)
  • The Clans
  • MegaSlots and ZombieSlots

You must be a member of Micronet in good standing and have a FTN-style network feed to participate in League 618. Andrew Leary is the league administrator at 618:100/1.


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