Why BBS’s are better than social media sites.

Why BBS’ are better than FB/Twitter/Insta Etc:

– They do NOT use Cookies!

– They do NOT track/sell your information!

– In General, they do NOT moderate/police what you post in the message areas. (unless you post something in the wrong area, then the SysOp may either move the post themselves to the appropriate message area, or ask you to do it).

– There is NO “BBS JAIL”.

– Any personal information given during sign-up is visible ONLY by the sysop and is used strictly for verification purposes. Some networks (ie: Fido-net) do require the use of real names, and the sysop must have a valid email address to be able to contact you if there is ever a problem.


– Some systems will run contests and such in their door games or other areas, in which case it is important that the system operator have a valid mailing address so that the sysop can mail you your prize(s).

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